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Join Dan and Terry each week as they discuss all of the Rugby League news and offer up their "expert" opinions. Tune in for a positive, light hearted look at the greatest game of all delivered to you by two Rugby League tragics.

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NRL Season Previews

- Dan Nichols (@Suthodan) Below are links to each of the 16 NRL side's (serious) season previews via Broncos: Raiders: Bulldogs: Sharks: Titans: Sea Eagles:...


Dan and Terry claim to be experts. Come join us and help prove them wrong! Come and join the team in the Rugby League Outlaws...

MAD Monday!!!

The boys celebrate Fan MAD Monday!!! With only one more, horrible, Rugby League-less week remaining until the season kicks off, Dan and Terry dress...

The Top 8 DEBATE

Join Dan and Terry as they, very seriously, debate the 2021 Top Eight standings. They even break out the suit jackets. Things get a little...